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I have always had excellent care with Darr. I never feel rushed through appointments and if I need to see them between appointments they always find a way to help me. I highly recommend Darr for your hearing needs.

– Deane G.

Your Hearing Care is Our Priority


Hearing Test

We’ll determine your type of hearing loss with a comprehensive hearing test.


We’ll go over the results of your hearing test and discuss appropriate options.


We offer a risk-free trial on hearing aids to help you find your solution.

Statistics on Hearing Loss Can be Startling

All of our hearing care providers care deeply about helping you manage your hearing loss, at the absolute best price, so you can live life to the fullest. Ask us about our risk-free trial on hearing aids.

Rise Above the Statistics

Don’t let hearing loss drag you down – let’s start with a hearing test.

Smartphone Ready vs Bluetooth Compatible

Control your hearing experiences with smartphone ready hearing aids! These hearing devices are engineered to connect directly with your Apple and Android devices, meaning FaceTime®, phone calls, music, videos and more stream directly into your hearing aids with pristine sound quality, all with controls at your fingertips – no background buzzing and whistling.

Bluetooth Compatible devices are a budget friendly option that applies to many digital hearing aids, which include a specific phone app for your device. It involves a separate intermediary device, or wireless transmitter, that will need to be worn to bring sound from your smartphone into your hearing aid.

Featured Hearing Aid Brands

Phonak Hearing Aids at Darr-Associates Professional Hearing Services
Resound Hearing Aids at Darr-Associates Professional Hearing Services
Signia Hearing Aids at Darr-Associates Professional Hearing Services
Starkey Hearing Aids at Darr-Associates Professional Hearing Services
Unitron Hearing Aids at Darr-Associates Professional Hearing Services
Widex Hearing Aids at Darr-Associates Professional Hearing Services

Your Goals are Our Goals

We’ll diagnose your hearing loss and help you reclaim the sounds of life.

Why Choose Us as Your Hearing Center?

We’re focused on your overall well-being. When you visit with an audiologist at our hearing center, you’re provided the care and attention you deserve from an expert whose goal is to restore your hearing and quality of life. At Darr & Associates, the hearing care we provide extends beyond your initial appointment. Our experienced and friendly team will continue your care with counseling, periodic adjustments, and regular cleanings to ensure that your investment and newfound hearing are always operating at optimal levels.

After 45 years of working in the factory, it’s nice to regain the sounds I’ve lost.Very happy with my new hearing aids, thank you for all the help.

– Arnie O.

Results You Can Hear

If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, don’t wait to have your hearing evaluated. As part of our commitment to your hearing healthcare, we offer a risk-free trial on hearing aids, as well as a free hearing aid demonstration to help you begin the process of restoring your hearing.

Better hearing is just a phone call away.

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