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While there are practitioners who specialize in various aspects of hearing care, Audiologists provide patient-focused, long-term comprehensive hearing care that is vital to reviving and/or protecting one’s hearing. When you’re ready to begin your hearing care, we’re ready to help!

Our Audiology Care Includes:

• Free Hearing Screenings

• Top Hearing Aids Brands

• Risk-Free Trial


I have always had excellent care with Darr. I never feel rushed through appointments and if I need to see them between appointments they always find a way to help me. I highly recommend Darr for your hearing needs.

– Deane G.

Better Hearing Begins Here


Hearing Screening

We’ll begin with a free hearing screening to determine your level and severity of hearing loss.

Detailed Results

Following your screening, we’ll discuss your results and help you understand your hearing loss.

Providing Solutions

Our hearing aids come with a risk-free trial, free demonstration, and a 4-year warranty.

Stop Waiting, Start Hearing

Take your hearing off hold – schedule your free hearing test today.

Why Choose Us as Your Hearing Center?

We’re focused on your overall well-being. When you visit with our audiologist in Dowagiac, MI, you’re provided the care and attention you deserve from an expert whose goal is to restore your hearing and quality of life. At Darr & Associates, the hearing care we provide extends beyond your initial appointment. Our experienced and friendly audiologists will continue your care with counseling, periodic adjustments, and regular cleanings to ensure that your hearing aids and newfound hearing are always operating at optimal levels.

After 45 years of working in the factory, it’s nice to regain the sounds I’ve lost.Very happy with my new hearing aids, thank you for all the help.

– Arnie O.

Hear For You

If you’re experiencing hearing loss it’s important to take the proper steps to avoid further damage. Our offices feature advanced technology to test your hearing fully and characterize your hearing loss. Following your hearing test our audiologist in Dowagiac, MI will discuss the results and, should they be necessary, discuss hearing aids best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Better hearing is just a phone call away.

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